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Animals can be challenging to photograph because they go where they want, move at their own pace, and are hard to focus on. Seeing them at exhibits helps, but most of these were taken in natural habitats. Getting a shot of wildlife is rewarding because it allows you to see them in a new way.
Shiny Blue
Bronx Zoo, NYPretty Bird
Portland Zoo, ORNature Meets Pop Culture
HawaiiPollen Bumble
Xi'an, ChinaWhatcha Lookin At?
Bronx Zoo, NYReady for Flight
FranceCruising with Flipper
Orange Beach, ALPosing Squirrel
Big Sur, CAChinese Fighting Lizard
Hainan Island, ChinaFace to Face
FranceAmerican Freedom
Bronx Zoo, NYIn Flight
San Francisco, CACoyote Crossing
Grand Canyon, AZWalking Giant
Tempe, AZAttack of the Birds
Corpus Christi, TXCurly Tail
Freeport, BahamasHibiscus Treat
Tempe, AZWing Designs
FranceFeeding Time
ArizonaFlower Stop
ArizonaDark Eyes
Big Sur, CASmile!
Orange Beach, ALTortu Snacktime
Tempe, AZHanging Out in the Web
Freeport, BahamasGetting A Drink
FranceBlue Throat
ArizonaWinged Wonder
Portland Zoo, ORBug Eyes
OhioCurious Visitor
Phoenix, AZ
By Denny Donofrio
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