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Sunset Silhouette
HawaiiSlanted Sunset
HawaiiColorful Carnival 
Southeastern AZWhere I Discovered A Style...
Kamouraska, Canada
... And Learned How to Use It
Kamouraska, CanadaSpiked Palm
HawaiiOn Fire
Beijing, ChinaSunset Horizon
Maui, HawaiiPau Hana
Maui, HawaiiPracticing in the Backyard
Tempe, AZMy Traditional Point of View
Oahu, HawaiiOn the Lake
Lake Powell, AZLuau Sunset
Maui, HawaiiSouth Beach Sunset
Miami, FLWave Reflection
Gulf Shores, ALLeafy
HawaiiThrough the Plants
HawaiiDesert Rainfall
Phoenix, AZShadow Sunset
Atlantic OceanSunset Horizon
ArizonaNo Editing Needed
Key West, FLHawaiian Vegetation
HawaiiEstrella Mountain Set
Phoenix, AZOn the Rocks
Big Sur, CAAfter Dinner Show
HawaiiWet Sand
San Diego, CAWedding at Dusk
Phoenix, AZSunset at Sea
Atlantic OceanMoon Rock
HawaiiNight Surf
San Diego, CASun Devil Sun Set
Tempe, AZWhen the Party Starts
Miami, FLWestern Lookout
Phoenix, AZOver the Arch
Arches National Park, UTHawaiian Classic
Maui, HawaiiAnother Day
ArizonaOver the Horizon
Atlantic OceanMission Beach
San Diego, CAPalmset
Gulf Shores, ALPeaceful
Maui, HawaiiOpen Skies
Waco, TXSuns Game at Sunset
Phoenix, AZBoat & Bridge
San Francisco, CACalifornia Dreaming
Santa Monica, CABadlands, Goodsky
Badlands National Park, SD
Big Sun
HawaiiBackyard During Monsoons
Tempe, AZSummer Red
Beijing, ChinaFrom My Balcony
Phoenix, AZBlue Waters, Orange Sky
Key West, FLOpen Waters
CaribbeanUnique Shadows
Atlantic Ocean
By Denny Donofrio
My Photo Reality
Gallery: Sunsets
Sunsets are my favorite thing to photograph. Each one is unique with stunning colors and painted skies. They pass quickly and their qualities change as the sun drops, constantly altering the photo. They also serve as excellent backgrounds.